My Husband, A Chef He Ain't

We were making some steaks on Sunday for dinner (before you gasp at my unfrugalityness, they came in the Angel Food box...no way I'd ever purchase them otherwise!), and I had some rice on the stove. We were looking for a green vegetable to go with our meal. I asked Yasar to make some of his Middle Eastern salad, he was more than happy to oblige and started chopping away.

At the same time, I found a recipe for chai in my Taste of home cookbook. Chai is one of my favorite cold-weather drinks, but I thought you had to buy it in powdered form. I was so excited to find a recipe, and immediately started digging through my spice cabinet to see if I had all the components to the recipe.

I'm pulling spices, and tending steaks, and not really paying attention to Yasar. Then I smell something funny...the potent aroma of cloves. I turn around and see Yasar dumping powdered cloves liberally on his salad. I started laughing when he said the pepper smelled different. He thought it was a container of black pepper I'd laid there for his salad.

My husband, always opening culinary windows for us. And keeping us in stitches.


  1. I have a little salt cellar with coarse salt for cooking right beside my stove. On another counter completely from my coffee maker. Last time my in-laws were here, my father-in-law put the salt into his coffee thinking it was sugar (and yes, I do have a sugar bowl with a sugar spoon in it). Somehow, I got the blame for this mix up. At least you guys laugh about it.

  2. Haha, yeah what grown man would wear a baby bib right? Ive done the sugar, salt swap many a time.