Grocery Challenge - September

This month has been a bomb. I know better than to shop while hungry, yet I did it (twice) and it's reflected in our spending. Better luck next month (fingers crossed).

Edible Grocery - $308.54
Inedible Grocery - $41.17
Health - $25.49
Miscellaneous - $214.58
Restaurant - $103.87
Gas - $157.84

Our miscellaneous catagory is higher than I'd like, and I can pinpoint it down to Andrew's Thomas the Tank Engine visit and Operation Christmas Child, both of which won't be recurring (whew!). We ate out as a family once this month, and took Andrew and his friend Amanda to Chuck E Cheese (that's expensive, even with a coupon!), and still did our weekly McDonald's meeting-of-the-moms. Gas is about where I expected it to be.

I'm on the fence about next month's goals. I really wanted to try to survive on whatever's in the pantry/freezer, but now I'm rethinking that (see previous post). It would be so great to spend under $100 in groceries in a month - that's my ultimate goal. I know we probably couldn't make that a monthly occurance, but just once I really want to hit that mark.


  1. Would making a lot of pasta dishes to make the $100 month work? Did you see the last page (or close to the last page) in the Taste of Home, they showed a few dishes and they were a few cents per serving.

  2. I just came across your blog today. I find it funny that just yesterday, I got out all of my credit card bills from the last 3 months and broke down our spending just like you have (we charge everything and pay it off each month). It's interesting to see exactly what you spend each month.

    Also, Chuck E. Cheese is much cheaper if you go just to play games. You can get 100 tokens for $15 with a coupon and then buy the kids cups once and you can bring them back to refill for free. So then it will only cost you $15 each time and the kids can still get a soda. We usually go there first thing in the morning and then stop by Little Caesar's for a $5 pizza on the way home for lunch -- they love it! (and it's not very busy when they first open!