Spotted at the grocery store today:

Rachel Ray is now making dog food. Not a joke.

Now it's official, the "White Oprah" is trying to take over the world in ways O.G. never dreamed. Oprah only had aspirations for presidential office, while Ray-ray is striving for COMPLETE WORLD DOMINATION. A few Food Network shows, a daytime talk show, a magazine, commercials spots, and now puppy chow.

Any comments as to what her next conquest will be? A theme park? A line of automobiles? Ray-Ray Airlines?


  1. Did you hear she is or was...opening a burger rest in nyc??

  2. Oh man...I just wrote a long comment and it got deleted...my daughter loves RR and gets really excited when she sees her pic on food at the store and begs me to buy it---I'm guessing her next conquest will be a clothing line at Target. I am hoping she stays out of new age religion.