100 Must-Have Foods (with a strong PA Dutch influence)

Inspired by a little blog called SlashFood, I thought I'd try to sum up a uniquely American culinary experience. From my own perspective, these are the must-try foods to complete your own personal gastronomic journey.

1. chicken corn noodle soup from a fire company's kitchen
2. chow chow
3. lard-cooked chips
4. red beet eggs
5. whoopie pies
6. shoofly pie
7. Spring Glen chicken pot pie
8. velveeta shells and cheese with canned stewed tomatoes
9. my daddy's tuna a la king on toast
10. falafel
11. shawarma
12. riz a fasuli
13. foul mumuddas
14. a sun-warmed tomato, sliced and sprinkled with sea salt
15. sushi
16. caviar spread on cheap bologna
17. red grapes and cheap American cheese in the same bite
18. homemade lemon curd
19. homemade iced tea
20. Laughing Cow cheese on pita bread with cucumber slices
21. fried ice cream
22. anything with chorizo
23. those green beans they serve at the Chinese buffet
24. bacon, onion, and green olive pizza
25. any kind of Indian food
26. Maxwell House
27. my brother's strawberry pie
28. Italian sandwiches from V&S
29. Chincoteague crabcakes
30. chicken & dumplings
31. fish chowder
32. blue cheese burgers
33. bacon blueberry waffles
34. buckeyes
35. Baby Ruth washed down with Countrytime lemonade
36. frozen Snickers bar
37. frozen Tootsie Rolls
38. parmesan peppercorn chicken wings
39. that dark chocolate cake from Golden Corral
40. taco baked potatoes
41. asparagus & smoked gouda quiche
42. Wilber buds
43. ramen noodles
44. chicken curry with jasmine rice
45. Italian beef sandwiches
46. PA Dutch version of chili
47. gremom's brown butter red beets
48. gremom's brown butter noodles
49. gremom's brown butter haddock (before you knock it, you should know they lived well into their 90's!)
50. grilled eggplant and zucchini
51. popcorn with Old Bay seasoning
52. rugalach
53. cardamom bread
54. mamooul
55. pumpkin seeds
56. pecan pie
57. roast chicken with rosemary
58. syrian breakfast
59. peanut butter Twix
60. s'mores
61. spiced apple cider
62. warm artichoke dip
63. guacamole
64. fried cabbage w/ caraway seeds
65. gizmos
66. buttermilk biscuits
67. fried potatoes
68. David's ranch eggs
69. peanut butter bananas
70. lasagna from Little Italy, NY NY
71. Wayfar chocolate milk
72. Hershey fudge
73. Lebanon bologna
74. ring bologna with cold ketchup
75. blue cheese stuffed olives
76. grilled pecan stickies
77. Berks fiesta dogs
78. Dietrich's smoked sausage with horseradish
79. dried beef & gravy over home fries
80. zattar
81. mommy's meatloaf burgers
82. greek salad
83. BLT
84. leftover Easter ham, sliced and fried
85. steamed clams and drawn butter
86. Sno-kist chocolate & vanilla twist soft-serve
87. Boehringer's boiled burgers
88. and their hand-cut fries with malt vinegar
89. Beth's mexican tacos
90. caramel apples
91. Lemon Nekot crackers
92. Pop Rocks
93. Icy Tea
94. turkey club sandwich
95. pastrami on rye
96. gyro
97. soft pretzels and ice cream
98. Sturgis Little Cheesers
99. the Chink's chicken chow mein

Feel free to comment and criticize/add your own opinions.


  1. I'll take the red beet eggs and sweet tea my grandma used to make any day! I'll add my grandma's recipe for homemade chocolate mayonnaise cake with either homemade chocolate icing or homemade caramel icing! I'm hungry now! By the way, I mailed your magazine yesterday.
    Take care,

    P.S. Love the pictures from the first day of school yesterday!

  2. Ohohohohoh! 101. mayonnaise cake. Mmmm! My mom used to make that, too.

    Be quiet about being hungry...didn't you JUST get your hooks into some bona fide NY cheesecake? Sorry, but I lack empathy for you. :)

  3. The name of the store for the chocolate milk is Wayhar.

  4. Sorry, bad case of old-timers. But it's all your fault, you need to take me there more often!

  5. hi.. so sweet that u missed me :) i am touched. was un well from last week, last treatment i took reacted badly on me :( and also changed my group in office, so life has been bad, I am missing blogging and reading too, hopefully will catch up with u all this weekend.

    once again thanks alot for this sweet gesture.

  6. I read your "about me" - you just about made me pee my pants! thanks :P

  7. Yes, I can't complain! The cheese cake was worth all the weight I gained!
    Take care,