Bed Bath & Beyond Common Decency

Just got done reading a blog entry from the Consumerist, which told the disturbing story of a customer who spotted an unresponsive toddler locked in a hot car in Bed Bath & Beyond's parking lot, requested that a sales rep inside call 911 or use the in-store PA system, and was turned down flat.

BB&B corporate backed up that employee's decision.

My blood pressure just spiked and the rants are going on in my head. I have alot of trouble understanding why any decent human being would knowingly jeopardize a child's life. But for a corporting to condone that type of behaviour is inexcusable. You can believe that BB&B will never again see a single one of my consumer dollars, and I hope you'll join me on this.

And justice was served...the manager was charged with failure to report neglect of a child, which carries a fine and jail time. I'm glad the law prevailed where the corporation failed.

The child will be okay. BB&B, I sincerely hope your bottom line will not fare so well.

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  1. i respect your feelings and decision. I would also boycott them for such a behavior.