Could Hurricane Ike be an Answer to Fervent Prayer?

We went to church yesterday as usual. And, in one part of the message, Pastor Shawn was talking about someone he knew who was being tormented in the workplace by a coworker. The group got together and prayed that God remove this influence from his friend's life. And, within the week, not only was the coworker terminated, but the friend was promoted into that person's position. When God is with you, who can be against you, right?

Some of you may remember my rants about the situation we're in with the pizza franchise and debt and the economy and yadda yadda. Well, Yasar and I prayed fervently for God to intervene in our situation. And boy, did He ever!

Ohio was hit with monsterous winds that were leftovers from Hurricane Ike yesterday afternoon - gusts in Dayton recorded at up to 75mph. This went on for about 4 hours, then it started to drizzle, and it all went away. We, along with 100,000 other DP&L customers, lost power here at the house. Many traffic lights here in Troy are still dark as we speak, mostly from the huge trees in this town taking down power lines.

Also, our top 2 competitors in the Troy pizza game were (and still are) without power.

So yeah, the store got BOMBED last night. We had record sales. It's almost a curse, this was unplanned so we're trying to figure out where we can get extra dough, cheese, pepperoni, etc. to get us through until our next delivery. Yasar was disappointed that he didn't get to watch his beloved Steelers on national TV last night (the power was out anyway), but he was ecstatic to be busy makin' money at the store.

Moral of this story? When you pray for deliverance, be ready for God to deliver you in a BIG way! Pray with expectations!


  1. Woohoo! We've been praying for you, and this is a cool answer!

  2. wow. this is so good to hear, yes this is God's way. He shows up in different ways. :)

  3. mmmmm. sorry. I was just thinking about the pizza we made with the steak. now I'm hungry!!

    oh, what I meant to say was good news to read! way to go God! (I personally think God likes pizza, but that's just a hunch.)

    I hope this will help you guys out. Keep us posted!