Bail Out Fear and Frustration

These last few days have gone by in a red haze. My RSS Reader is stuffed with financial and consumer blogs, and everyone seems to be reporting on the new bailout plan the government is working on to "save Wall Street". Every single one of these new reports raises my blood pressure just a little bit.

This seems like such an irresponsible move on the part of the US Government. I can only akin it to letting a murdering spouse collect that hefty life insurance policy. We're basically rewarding all those greedy financial institutions for their chancy decisions. It's a no-lose situation for them. Do you know who's going to be on the losing end?

That's right. The American taxpayer. John and Jane Q. Public.

For the first time in my 30+ years, I look at America and don't feel hopeful. I feel scared. I see a bad time ahead, not just in my personal situation, but in the whole country. Bread lines. I drive down the street here and shake my head in wonder that Applebee's and Ruby Tuesday's parking lots are still jam-packed. I wonder how people can still swallow that expensive food without wondering how that $40 they're spending will affect them next year at this time. I don't understand the two new houses being built in our neighborhood - with the housing market being what it is, who would new-build a home right now?

And, my biggest question of all, why would Obama and McCain fight over who gets to hold this whole smelly bag come January? They're far braver than I. Or dumber.

Let's keep praying for our country right now.


  1. Irans' president said it right...we are witnessing the an end of an era of american domination. In only 2 terms, this administration has consistantly done either the wrong thing or nothing at all, this bail out is the last hurrah for this administration, the next one will have to be very wise to right this ship again.

  2. You are so right. I told my kids at the end of last week that this is the first time I have been truly scared about the future. Tough times. And I'm not seeing much in the way of clear thinking to get us out of this.