Our Bailout Dollars, Hard at Work

Yesterday My Two Dollars threw out a story about what the AIG bigwigs are doing with their $85 billion dollar government handout....namely dropping a paltry $400,000 on a spa retreat for those poor, overworked corporate guys.

David, I'm speechless, too. Unfortunately not surprised, but definitely speechless. I mean, these people put themselves in the positions they're in due to fiscal irresponsibility...did you really think throwing them an $85 billion dollar life preserver would suddenly morph them into accountable individuals? We should live so long.

And now the fed has considering buying a whole bunch of unsecured debt? I thought our money was going to buy foreclosed properties that it could eventually recoup and maybe (cough cough) pay John and Jane Q Public back the funds we'll be putting into this venture. With the rate of bankruptcy going up, do I really want to be stuck holding that bag? Ha, as if we have a choice.

You know, at least the AIG guys are getting a spa weekend out of this. Maybe they're the smart ones, anyway.

Enough rant.


  1. I know! The good news? The story was picked up by MSNBC last night, and people are starting to comment. Fingers crossed....