Back to Being a Walmart Shopper

I started a post a few months ago about the changes at the local Meijer store...I was really disappointed when they went from 4 "U-Check" lanes to 12 of them. Not that I mind checking myself out...on the contrary, I prefer it, it gives me a chance to try to use up the change in my purse without irritating anyone except Andrew. But it looks like a sign of the times, another step in the slow death of personal customer service.

We went to do our weekly grocery stop Sunday. Uneventful, until we got to the checkout. Much to our disappointment, the penny horse rides were gone! It's something I'l posted about before, how I was willing to pay the slightly-higher Meijer prices just for the opportunity to send Andrew to the penny horse rides so I could pay more attention to the scanner at checkout. To say Andrew was devastated would be pretty dead-on. The cashier said the machines were being serviced, but the spots they resided in were conspicuously overtaken by those annoying Grab-A-Prize games (you know, those ones that cost $1 for each reach of the mechanical arm, in the hopes that maybe, just MAYBE you'll snag a $0.25 stuffed animal that will fall apart before you hit your front door). And it was totally working on Andrew, he was pulling on me for a penny to play that games (when I explained the price difference, he did me proud by saying (in an eerie imitation of his mom),"What? Forget that!".).

Anyway, the reign of Meijer over Walmart is officially over. And we have a newer horse in the running, Save A Lot.

And we'll still be frequenting the Meijer for the clearance racks in the produce section - something Walmart doesn't (won't, I asked) offer.

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