Bliss, in the Form of a Little Pink Pill

Celexa. Even just saying the word is relaxing. Almost like a sigh.

I started taking it a few weeks ago. No kidding, I feel like a different person. That constant undercurrent of anger? Gone. The mindless mouth-stuffing? Sayonara. Relationship with Yasar? Fun again. Dealing with Andrew? Piece of cake. Life's good.

In fact, it's almost disturbing. Like Invasion-of-the-Bodysnatchers weird. My personality almost seems to have changed. I'm kind. Without stress wrinkles. I can take a deep breath and actually feel relaxed. And the reason this is so disturbing is that, hey, I've been angry for such a long time, I just thought I'd become one of those people. Forgotten was the person my husband fell in love with. I'd lost the gene for playfulness.

But you know what? She's still in there. And she's making a comeback.

So, to all you who commented that antidepressants are not denying God's power in your life, thank you. Celexa and I are getting along just fine. It feels like a miracle.


  1. I need some of that right about now. I'm so pissed off at the blogosphere right now this might be the last comment I post on a blog.

    It's probably just bad timing and PMS and I sure do hope it's temporary cuz this sucks.

    But I can at least still allow myself a little happiness for you because it sounds really great. Keep me posted. I may still read but I'm so tempted to keep my mouth shout.

  2. Good for you. Yay to getting yourself back.