T Minus 7 Days

I cannot fathom that next week my baby boy turns 5! Where on earth did all that time go?!?!?

So next week is the mother of all birthday parties. We've rented out a whole gymnasium, enough to hold the 30 kids we're expecting. We've retained a clown to perform a magic show and make balloon animals ad nauseum. Instead on dealing with those crappy goodie bags (I hate those!), we're requesting everyone bring a gift-wrapped book for a book exchange. Instead of the ginormous cake, we'll be baking a bunch of cupcakes for the kids to ice and decorate themselves. I've got a bucket full of McD's Happy Meal toys to use for prizes for our games (Simon Says, Pin the Tail, Musical Chairs, Red Light/Green Light, Giant Tricycle races). Pizza will be served (free for me!), and we'll be collecting nonperishables for our local food pantry.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this party. The very best part is that Andrew is sharing this party with his girl, Amanda. She turns 5 the day after he does (isn't that cool?), so they're going to have a great party together.

I can't wait to post the pictures! Stay tuned....


  1. That sounds so fun. I love the idea of the book exchange. Brilliant. Have fun. Eat some pizza for me.

  2. Em,

    That sounds like a feel good story for the Daily News waiting to happen. A book exchange and food pantry donation, nixed cake and homemade cupcakes....What a GREAT message for kids. When my son turned 5 his party toured a local fire house and in lieu of gifts for my son, everyone brought a toys for tots donation to be given at the fire house. Someone at the fire house called the local paper and it made for a nice feel good story. I think you should call and see if they will cover A's birthday. You have a lot of great messages in the party itself. Think about it.

  3. Oh wow, I can't wait to SEE pics. Five years. Where did it go? Amazing. Lucian and I will try to make a birthday video for him.

    Your party ideas sound awesome. I agree, you should try to get it covered by the local news. It would set a good example for others. I can't wait to hear how it turns out.

    So is five like the token birthday for kids now? I'm wet behind the ears on this yet.

    Please give him birthday hugs and kisses from us and we hope he has a blast at his birthday party!

  4. As a semi new dad I can't wait for my sons birthday party. Sound like a good idea for prizes using the cheap happy meal gifts.