Ill Presidente

It's no secret that I voted Republican yesterday.

What's not so well known is that I really thought both candidates were good & bad in their own rights.

For me, this election was a win-win (lose-lose?) situation.

The part that breaks my heart is that McCain never truly had a fighting chance. After the legacy that Bush has left for our country, very few wanted to see another War President in the White House.

I actually admire Obama in his demeanor - he always appears cool and completely in control of his emotions.

Keep praying for the leadership of this country. It won't be an easy job, following President Bush. I hope Obama's up for it.


  1. It won't be an easy job at all. We are one messed up country. And McCain's speech was wonderful. He is a true patriot.

  2. McCain had a chance until he chose Palin. What a mistake.