Somehow the dawn this morning seems very peaceful. Probably because, by the end of today, I'll have a monster headache from 30 sugar-saturated, over-stimulated kids (and the clown egging them on). Am I looking forward to this? Hell, yeah! And you too, stay tuned for pictures!

Last night I got a bit of pause from a friend when I revealed my strict 8pm bedtime. Maybe it sounds preschoolish, but I really value getting up at 5am, enjoying a cup of coffee and my Google Reader, with the morning news going in the background. Our home is situated perfectly to watch the sun come up over I-75. The cat even understands that noise is sacriligeous - he's standing at the back door awaiting his daily hunt (he caught a mouse the other day and I had the unique opportunity to watch him eat it - he hasn't been giving me any lovins for a few days, I just can't shake that scene from my head!).

But this is my favorite time of day. Before Andrew wakes up and shatters the quiet with Curious George and Sid the Science Kid, before Yasar wakes up and starts grumbling about (lack of) business. Before the traffic starts rolling outside, and my to-do list starts rolling through my subconscience.

And, as I finish typing this, I hear the telltale toilet flushing upstairs. Usually the first clue that the quiet is about to be reluctantly tucked away until tomorrow.


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  1. Hey! We watch Sid the Science Kid too. Cracks me up because Lucian has started carrying around a MegaBlock and pretending it's a microphone.

    I know what you mean...I LOVE me some quiet time. I crave it more than chocolate lately. Unfortunately I crave it so much that when it finally comes around 10 pm I end up staying up so late and can't sleep because it feels like it's the only quiet time I get. Of course if I would get to bed at a decent hour and get up at 5 am like you do I could probably achieve the same thing but I'm just such a night owl. Always have been and old habits are so hard to break.

    We're going to try at some point today to make a video for you so look for it soon. Can't wait to hear about Andrew's B-Day Celebration!