My Favorite Blondies

Ready for a simple blondie recipe that'll get you rave reviews?

1/2 cup butter, room temp ($0.50 on sale)
1 cup sugar ($0.25)
1/2 cup packed brown sugar ($0.20)
2 eggs ($0.15)
1 tsp vanilla extract (pennies, from homemade)
1 1/2 cups AP flour ($0.30)
2 tsp baking powder ($0.20)
1/4 tsp salt (negligible)
1/2 bag Heath chips (without chocolate) ($1.00)

Prehet oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9x13 baking dish with pan spray, then lay down a piece of parchment paper. Having the paper overhang the sides will make blondies easy to remove from pan and cut.

Cream butter and sugar in a large baking dish. Add eggs, mix well. Beat in vanilla. In a separate bowl, combine flour, paking powder, and salt. Gradually add to creamed mixture. Stir in Heath bits. Batter will be very thick.

Spread onto parchment paper, evening as well as you can. Bake for 30-40 minute, until they test done. Cool on wire rack, lift out by parchment paper and cut with a pizza cutter. Save any crumbs for ice cream topping.

$2.60 for whole recipe. Makes 24 servings at $0.11 each. And spanks the pants off anything you can buy at the store.


  1. Yummy. We may have to try these this weekend.

  2. oh mah gah...I HAVE EATEN YOUR BLONDIES...they are to die for!! you're evil for posting the recipe to this and encouraging other people to bake them for pour weak souls like me who can not turn them down. I'm drooling remembering what they tasted like when you made them for us. nom.nom.nom.nom. I can't read your recipe posts without getting hungry. My mouth is literally watering and I want some milk NOW!!