6 Weeks

Okay, anybody else disturbed by this picture? This is what's growing in my uterus right now. Kinda reminds me of a bad B-movie plot.

Baby at 6 weeks? Looks more like a crocodile to me. Holding a flesh balloon. For those of you without your sound turned up, I'm gagging right now.

Andrew, however, is endlessly fascinated. He's begged me to borrow every baby development DVD available at the library. For a 5-year-old, he's very well versed on the making, growing, and delivering of babies. I'm expecting the calls from his fellow preschoolers' parents any day now. :)

As of today, I've lost about 8 lbs. Not that I'm overly nauseated or anything (not counting my episode at Lowes this weekend - that wasn't pretty), I'm just focused on eating a healthy diet. And, after eating healthy foods all day, there just doesn't seem to be as much room for anything else. The good news is my issues being hypoglycemic seem to have been put on hold, at least for the time being.

Other pregnancy symptoms? I still can't eat chocolate. Still don't crave coffee. The sisters get sore come the end of the day. And, my favorite? I'm retaining hair! There's a marked difference in the amount that comes out in every shower. Woo-hoo!

I completely love being pregnant. My allergies and suppressed, I have bunches of energy (at least, after my afternoon nap), and I love the feeling that I have a precious, delicious secret. I love looking at Yasar and wondering if this one will come out with his nose, my eyes, my hair texture, yadda yadda. I feel like a woman fulfilled.

Cross fingers for a girl!


  1. I'm so happy for you. And so glad you are feeling so good!

  2. How wonderful!!! I hope you get what you want...

  3. Emily,
    I'm so happy for you guys! So glad you're feeling good!
    Take care,