Morning Sickness - The New Frontier

Way back when, when I was pregnant with Andrew, I never met a food I didn't like. If it was within arm's reach, it was an endangered species. Don't think I'm exaggerating, from conception to delivery I gained 110 lbs.

Please close your mouth, it's making me feel uncomfortable. And it's not very becoming on you.

So this time around, it's so weird! Chocolate doesn't taste good. Coffee, what I thought would be my hardest habit to break, turns out to be the easiest. I just got back from Walmart, where I was looking for some snack to keep in my car for when I'm out & about, and hungry. Talk about hard! Nothing looked edible. I stood in front of the trail mixes for almost 5 minutes, trying to talk myself into buying one (I left with granola bars).

It's a whole new experience this time around. I came home from dropping Andrew off at school and fell asleep on the couch. The cat is my constant shadow, it's like he knows. There's a few Wilbur buds (the best chocolate in the universe) that have been cooling their heels within arm's reach ALL DAY.

They say every pregnancy's different. Can I be the poster child?


  1. I gave you the lemonade award - details on my blog :)

  2. With my first daughter I gained 55 pounds with the second on 27. You're right each one is different. Look at it this way, the less you gain the less you have to lose :-)

  3. The only time I can lose weight is when I'm preggers!