His Side/Her Side

All's fair in love and war. Does it seems coincidental that the old adage pairs together the best and the worst feelings we can humanly experience? May I hazard to say it's because they're not so different after all? They often seem to march hand-in-hand.

There's been some whispering going on around us, that what I've feared the most is slowly coming to pass. And, predictably, when I heard the first mutterings, I called my husband and relayed my fears. He misread me, claiming that I was being negative, and got seriously offended.

Maybe we were due for a huge fight. It doesn't make it easier to be in the thick of it. It's been horrible here for the last few days. Life that is marginally bearable on a normal day gets stifling while under this emotional assault. Somehow, this man that I've committed my life to knows every weakness and the best method of exploitation.

So if it seems a bit quiet here, it's because I'm battling the demons fiercely.


  1. I echo Sheryl and I will be praying for you guys also.
    Take care,

  2. I hope everything is ok hun I am here if you need.