When Cravings Are Satisfied

Life was so good this morning. For the longest time, I've been having problems sleeping through the night, and today it's obvious why. It appears my body was telling me that I need to start sleeping alone, at least until Yasar gets home from work. Also, a cup of warm chai and a dose of Survivor don't hurt. :)

I also chuckle at some of the weirder things I want to eat. Like a mustard (and a little bit of ham) sandwich for breakfast. Or today, I went straight to Subway after leaving work, just to take advantage of their new All Footlongs $5 deal. Did I want Subway? Not really, I was just thinking how awesome horseradish sauce would taste on a Subway Club extra banana peppers extra pickles. Oh, and Wednesday Yasar took me out to lunch. We ended up at the local Japanese joint, and I couldn't get enough of the pickled ginger (before you panic, we only had California rolls, which are made with imitation crab - or, as my sister puts it, "crab with a K").

And oranges. Mangoes. Salad. I thank God I'm not burdened with cravings that are bad for the baby, and at the same time my waistline. I read somewhere that the diet a mother keeps while pregnant has long reaching effects on her child, possibly determining if the child will have elevated blood pressure by the preteen years. Lots of incentive to keep my foods in check.

The downside? I just got the 6 boxes of Caramel Delights I ordered from the Girl Scouts way back in January, and they don't look the least bit appetizing. D'you think I could sell them on Craigslist?


  1. I have to be honest here: I don't think I would buy cookies of craigslist.

    I'm just saying...

  2. I completely avoided the girl scout cookie stand at the store the other day. I'm weak when it comes to thin mints!:) Plus, I am trying to cut out most sugar.
    Take care,

    PS Your diet sounds great compared to the hostess cupcakes I devoured while pregnant with Jack!

  3. SEND THEM TO ME!!!!!!!!!!
    Caramel Delights are the shizzle.
    Try 'em frozen