Just A Quick Rant...

Yesterday morning Yasar and I trooped down to the Health Clinic for out intake visit. Filled out a ton of paperwork (including one talking about putting your baby up for adoption - that was different). Uh oh, there's a problem. Because we have health insurance, they cannot see me. It's not as if I'd hid this fact, both with Job & Family Services and with the Health Department. We have health insurance, but no maternity. But, because I'm insured, any services would have to be billed through the insurance, await denial, then billed to Medicaid. Which means I'm out of luck when it comes to the clinic.

By that point, I was pretty upset. I'd been spotting from time to time, and experiencing a little cramping. I was looking forward to this visit so I'd be able to get a little reassurance that the baby was fine. So Rita, the nice lady at the clinic, started calling OB's in the area that take the medical card - and she actually got me in to Dr. Cortez yesterday afternoon.

Everything's great. He did an ultrasound, saw a little more blood that will probably be making itself known in the next few days. And he showed me the pulsing of a little, tiny, miraculous heartbeat. What a relief - my risk of miscarriage is so much lower now that a heartbeat has been established.

I'm still a little confused by the way the system works, but I have to thank God for this dilemma. I don't really like the OB that works through the clinic, and I'm falling in love with Dr. Cortez. God really worked this out in the best way.

Oh, and we have the picture posted on our fridge. I'd love to proudly display it, but it's grainy and basicall looks like a bubble with a spot in it. There will be more to come, though, so stay tuned!


  1. I am so thankful you had a good checkup and got some reassurance! That is worth so much.

  2. I am so glad everything turned out good.

    I know the feeling that comes with the words "You may have lost the baby". With my first daughter, they must have done the ultrasound too soon because they couldn't find a heart beat. They said I was just barely pregnant or I had lost the baby. I had to wait 10 days for another ultrasound. Thank the Good Lord that during the 2nd ultrasound everything was developing nicely.

  3. I am so glad that you had a checkup and that you saw the baby's heartbeat.