Christmas is Coming!

Today marks six-months to Christmas....are you thinking about it already? Hard to do with the sum-sum-summertime temperatures and humidity. But it will be here before you're prepared for it, if you're anything like we are in our househole.

In our home, we've adopted the Operation Christmas Child tradition for our gifting. That is, I'd purchased plastic storage boxes a few years ago. We have them labelled for each recipient, and I keep my eyes open for items to put in them all year long. When they're empty I just request them returned for the next filling. It helps me focus on the clearance racks, so I can in turn say it saves us money (it probably doesn't, but I can dream a little). And we can relax during the Christmas shopping season and focus on the Miracle that is Jesus.

What about you? It's not too late to start now, so you can sit back and enjoy the eggnog later.

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