Grocery Challenge - Month 4

Ready for the final numbers?

Groceries - $301.70
HBA - $74.32
Misc. - $575.55
Restaurant - $114.09
Gas - $316.39

Groceries - well, looking back, we seem to be getting better at grocery shopping. From $536 in month 1, $460, then $383, now $301, we seem to be making progress in trimming the grocery budget.
HBA - this category is on it's way out. More and more I'm lumping it in with either "grocery" or "misc". So we're going to label it "Health" from here on out and just use it for medical stuff.
Misc - This was a big one this month. Between the almost-$400 repair of our cooktop, garage sale finds, and other little wallet-leaks, this has and has not been a bad month for us in this department.
Restaurant - A little higher than I'd prefer, but perfectly understandable considering the lack of a cooktop for almost 2 weeks.
Gas - Hoo, boy! Talk about choking! When hubby crashed his car, he got a "guzzler" from Enterprise...to the tune of $95 in gas in 2 weeks. Yowza! We won't be buying a Saturn sedan anytime soon!

Overall, the biggest disappointment here is the sheer amount of spending we did this month. Hubby or I broke out the wallet 49 times this month. You know how they say they just have to get you through the doors, and their marketing department will do the rest? Well, my goal for next month is to NOT cross their thresholds as often. Also, we're going to continue to cut back on groceries. And, hopefully, next month our "misc" category will also reflect the usage of the library as a form of entertainment (seriously, guys, I can't get over how unbelievably COOL it is!).

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