Truck Balls

Now, I'm sure by now you've seen what I'm talking about....some truck-owners enjoy shocking the general public by hanging semblances of male genitalia from their trailer hitches. I'm not going to dignify them with a picture...if you're that interested, you can google it and "read all about it".

You know, you guys may get a charge out of toeing the line, but I'M the one having to explain to my 4-year-old what that is and why some irresponsible, likely immature, and obviously low-class individual thinks it's appropriate to hang gonads on their transportation for the world to see. And, perdon my francaise here, but that pisses me off. Please, my life is complicated enough. There's not enough hours in the day for my 4-year-old's nonstop stream of questions, without having to tack that one on.

Now, let's just for argument's sake say that I'd stoop (crawl) down to that level and slap a pair of breasts onto the front of my compact car. How long do you think I'd drive around before the first policeman decided I needed a little sense pounded into my head by way of a fine? Here in Troy, there's probably more patrolman per capita than anywhere else on earth...so I'd wager 20 minutes. And that's being generous. Even if I modestly placed them under the bra that already protects my front end paint job.

As for as I see it, this is just another sign of the times. We live in a morally-corrupt world. Why shouldn't people display genitalia on their vehicles? These days, it's maybe one of the more innocent things you can see. And in my thinking, that's pretty sad.

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