Farmer Wants A Wife?

Okay, I think the reality show circuit has finally gone too far. There's this charming show, where a bona fide "good ol' boy" is single and sifting through 10 "city gals" looking for true love. Ho hum, seen it before, right? Well, it's the way he tells them that they've been eliminated that just kills me. In the beginning it was pretty tame, whose jug (of cider, mind outta the gutter!) was fullest, whose chicken has an egg under them. Well, last night the girls had to check cows for pregnancy, and the one whose cow wasn't preggers went back home. And how, pray tell, do you check a cow for pregnancy? Well, you pull on a shoulder-length plastic glove and stick your hand all the way into the pooper, of course!

Oh, and the previews for next week promise something to do with guns.

I'm going back to PBS....

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