Little Gifts

You know, this has been one of the crappiest months of my life. On top of the everyday stresses about money and the business, we've had bonus rounds of broken stove, and now Yasar was in a serious accident (he's fine, and the insurance company thinks the car may be fixable, but Yasar and I don't agree). The Zone diet has been temporarily shelved because there's been no money for a grocery trip, and we're kind of scraping the pantry - and nothing in there is Zone friendly.

And in the end, you'd think I'd be ripping my hair out, right? You know, through all this my faith in my God gets stronger. I got a little message from Him this morning, as I'd been getting little messages for the last week. I was pulling white wash out of the dryer to fold, and there was $30 rolled up, right front and center. Did I mention it was white wash, and there was no pants in there for that money to hide in? Father, I trust you. You are going to pull us through this. And as much as this hurts us, we are going to focus our attentions not on the problems, but on You.

Last night Yasar, Andrew, and I went for a bike ride, as a family. And we didn't spent the time obsessing about the curveballs that life has thrown us. I guess we know that life will always be testing, but our God will always be faithful. And we rest easy.

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