Reality Bites...Back - Update

Funny thing happened yesterday. Got a call from DirecTV, they asked how I was doing without their services. I guess they expected me to be crying and begging for my next fix. I said we were doing fine, we didn't have the funds to pay right now, but I was aware that it is my responsibility and they will be paid ASAP. Maybe I messed up the poor girl's script. Anyway, we were behind 2 months, she said if we paid right then, she would credit one of the months.

Heck yeah!

So I dug out a credit card, dusted it off (it's been awhile since I've had the pleasure/pain/guilt of using one of these), and paid the bill. She then put me on hold for a bit, came back, and asked if my service had been restored. I said I didn't know, I was upstairs and not close to any TV's.

She was dumbstruck. What? A cut-off customer NOT desperate for reconnection????

I had to chuckle.

Hope you did, too.

Anyway, OT, prayers for Beth and Gianni, they'll be travelling from Eastern PA to Western OH late tonight. Can't wait to see you guys!

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