A Glimpse into My DVR

Near the top of my "To Do in Heaven" list is to seek out the individual behind the TiVo movement and thank him profusely for his contribution to my earthly sanity. I shudder to think that, in a little more than a month, we expect to be a TV-free family, and will have to learn to actually spend quality time together. So I thought that, as a tribute to and remembrance of my TV and all that it means to me, I'd share my DVR list and thoughts. Enjoy....

Little Bill
For those of you who didn't major in preschool TV, this is a cartoon version of The Cosby Show. It's based on the books by Bill Cosby. Set in a Philly suburb, Little Bill is a charmingly wholesome little kindergartener who loves to imbue moral lessons on my son. And it's usually very relevant, with lessons on teasing, making friends, honesty, etc. Think "Little House on the Prairie" meets the year 2007. 4.5 Stars

The Magic School Bus
This is one of those cartoons that has spanned the generations, at least in the Wasouf household. The Magic School Bus is still the same as it was when I was a kid. Andrew really seems to like it, and learns from it. Would you believe the other day he gave me a lecture on the digestive system, complete with graphics? I'm all in favor of him enjoying and learning from this show, even if it is a little advanced for his age. 4 Stars.

America's Funniest Home Videos
Now, I insist on having some "transitional" TV loaded and ready to go. I mean, really, there's only so much animation a grown-up should have to take, right? Andrew and I both get a kick out of watching men getting whapped in the jewels, and teenagers taking nosedives off trampolines. But our favorites are hands-down the animal bloopers. Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like a cat freaking itself out with a mirror! 4.5 Stars.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
This one's for after Andrew's bedtime. Gordon cusses way too much for this to be seen during daylight hours. But the man fascinates me, he's such a driving force in the restaurant industry. And he's hot! 3 Stars.

Word World
This is a great little cartoon on PBS, where everyday objects are made up of the letters that spell them. Like the Bear's home is actually made of the letters C-A-V-E. Andrew's really learning to spell now, and we credit this show for much of that. 5 Stars.

Judge Judy
I consider this to be educational TV for grow-ups. You'd be surprised the applicable lessons packed into 30 minutes. But I still say the only thing scarier than Judge Judy on a rampage is Judge Judy smiling. 3.5 Stars.

Sesame Street
The old classic, another that spans the generations. Andrew loves Elmo (what kid doesn't?) and all the little skits they do. For me, there's more of a dark side to Sesame Street. I was in the heart of my impressionable years when Mr. Hooper died. Though I haven't sought therapy (yet), it's still a little disturbing to watch the show. That and whatever happened to Big Bird's voice? Is it me, or is it different? 4 Stars.

I look forward to this half-hour of entertainment! It's like a variety show, probably alot like the old Muppet Shows, but the humor is on both child and adult levels. What really tickles my funnybone is Pinky Pinkerton, the sportscaster who covers events like potato sack races and piggyback marathons. A total hoot! 5 Stars.

You know, I used to watch this show with an air of superiority. That "well, at least we're not THAT bad" attitude. Now we just watch for tips. Pretty soon, we'll be calling "Help Us Jo!!!" 4 Stars.

Independent Lens
You know you're getting old when whatever's on PBS is worth precious DVR space. Either that, or PBS is getting more interesting. Either way, we pay attention to what's on the Independent Lens. One that's held court on my DVR since January is an episode about a 21-year-old diagnosed with Aspberger's Syndrome. Fascinating, how someone with social disabilities integrates into the adult world. But they've always got some different topics on, and it's rare that it's something uninteresting. 5 Stars.

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