The Gas Crisis Hits Home...Literally

Horrors! Would you believe gas hit $4.15 here this weekend? It's crazy! I won't spoil the budget challenge for June (you'll see that tomorrow), but what we paid out in gas this month is enough to make me nauseous.

So I'm trying an experiment. I'm fortunate in having a manual transmission, compact car that I bought new a few years ago. So I'm paying more attention to my RPMs, coasting whenever possible, controlling stops and starts, and not driving over 55mph on the highway. Sidenote: that last one makes me a little nervous. I started highway driving 55mph probably a year ago, and was a victim of road rage with a semi. Nothing happened, except to my undies (LOL), but it's important to be aware of the drivers around you while you do that. Also, a pleasant surprise, lately it's rare that I don't actually have someone travel behind me (willingly!) at that speed. Sign of the times?

We'd been without a second car for about a week. So, while hubby took the car to work, I was riding on his bike with Andrew safely tucked in the carrier. We don't live in the most non-vehicle-friendly spot (check your address on this website to see how you fare - we got a 9 out of 100 - www.walkscore.com/), but more and more people are spotted walking the mile to the grocery store lately. Our location isn't conducive to biking to the post office or library, but whittling down to one car was something we were seriously toying with. And I say "were", because we bought another car this weekend. Doesn't matter, I'm still keeping the bike at the ready, and parking the car at the curb.

You know, a few days ago there was a story on the news about two girls protesting the gas increases....because the higher prices caused their parents to axe cable TV. If you've read my blog before, you know how I feel about TV. And, while I'm not thrilled about their means of motivation, I'm tickled with the amount of PR they got. Do you think it got a mention in the Oval Office?

So what are you doing today to offset gas prices/consumption?

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