Leila Bear

Leila Lamb's been looking pretty bad lately. Her beautiful fleece has gotten knappy, and she's starting to look a little dirty. And, since I can't put her in the laundry, I did the next logical thing.
Performed minor (ahem) surgery. I went in her back this morning and retrieved Leila's ash bag and the red heart they put in at Build A Bear.
She's recovering nicely, getting lots of love from Andrew.
We went to Build A Bear and got a new cuddly for Leila's ashes. Hopefully Leila Bear's fur will hold up better than Leila Lamb's.


  1. That is such a cute idea. I'm kind of looking for a new urn for Ella's ashes. As, her current one was scratched when a butterfly ornament fell out of my window onto it.

  2. Bree how interesting that it was a butterfly ornament. Maybe it was a sign.