More Due Date Pictures

My friend Jaime launched a balloon to Leila, and to her little girl Sydney, filled with love from both of us. Thank you, sister. I love you!

And these are the shots Anita took. She has an overwhelming talent for reaching straight to the heart with her photography. I am truly blessed to call her friend.

Leila, you were well remembered here on earth yesterday. Probably nothing compared to the party in heaven, but we;ll take what we can. Miss you, beautiful girl.


  1. That was so nice of Jaime to launch the balloons to Heaven. I love the pictures of you all with Leila. Beautiful!!

  2. I love the pictures of your family, Emily. They are so beautiful. :) You are so welcome for the balloons. I think of you and Leila often and I know that Sydney and Leila are playing together in Heaven right now.

  3. Leila, always and forever in your heart. Love the pictures.