Weight Watchers Again...

I can't believe I'm back. What's this, the fifth time? You'd think I had it down by now.

Until that day the pregnancy test comes back positive, I want to be doing something positive.

Getting my body ready. Into top form - or at least as close as I can get. Ready to nurture life.

Here, just 5 hours into the program, I'm already noticing effects.

Like being tethered to the bathroom.

Drinking 40 gallons of water a day will do that to you.

So many things are the same. But the ones that are different from 2 years ago?

Since when do I have to pay an additional $13 for eTools? Wasn't that included before?

Makes me glad for Hungry Girl. And Dottie's Weight Loss Zone.

1 day down. 70 billion to go....


  1. Just take it one day at a time, a moment at a time when necessary.

    I've started a weight loss blog - maybe we can help each other out.

  2. I think that it's great that you are taking control over something that you actually CAN control. Good for you!!! I grew up with my mom doing WW so I was trained that way. I LOVE the program!

    Hopefully we'll both get a yes next month ( this month is a no for me) and be a few pounds lighter.