Listening to K-Love this morning,

Steven Curtis Chapman singing "Live Out Loud".

Such a lighthearted song.

It occurred to me how much it's unlike his new album.

He's more somber now.

Subdued. Introspective.

I feel the same way.

Hope's Mama put it well, how much losing a child changes you.

It's true. I'm nowhere close to being the same person I was.

I wonder if the people I knew years ago would even recognize me.

But what are we, except the sum of our experiences?

I pray that I'm reflecting the Lord's light through my grief and healing.


  1. Yes, there is definitely a change in his music. I appreciate his new album so much.

  2. So true Emily. How different we become after tragedy.

  3. Walking this journey is life-changing...and where Steven and his family have walked...just heart-wrenching, life-changing, there really are no words...

    His music is beautiful, and God has used the places he has walked to minister to many...

  4. I tear up every time I hear one of his new songs on the radio...he is changed just as everyone in our community changed the day that we lost our babies...

  5. SCC has always been one of my favorite singers, but I can't hardly listen to his new song. It's all about memories of his little girl that was hit by the car.

    Every-now-&-then, even after 24 years, things sneak up on you.

    Blessings, Kim<><