Last night we took an order for two large 1-topping pizzas for $12. It's a coupon we have, super-cheap, huh?

I was back at the oven cutting pizzas when two men came in to pick up the pizzas. Two Indian men.

I didn't pay any attention until the driver who was waiting on them turned to me and said, "Do we have any cups?"

I looked around, said "no, I don"t think so. Well, there might be some in the back. Did they buy a 2-liter of pop?"

My driver: "No, they just wanted some cups."

I look at the two men and they're loaded for bear: a double handful of napkins, about 20 plates, pockets overflowing with parmesan and red pepper packets.... (I may be exaggerating there, but not by much)

And now they want cups.

Seriously, when does buying something from a restaurant entitle you to outfit your entire kitchen and pantry with complimentary condiments and dinnerware? Is there no shame?

I always seem to have problems with the Indian community here (and there's a large one). They own the local hotels, we buy their key cards for their guests with our advertising on them (one less thing for the owner to worry about, right?). Then the owner calls us *demanding* free food because he *allows* us to advertise in his hotel.

Say what?

And we have this one customer who you just cannot explain toppings to. She wants "just a few" jalapenos on her onion pizza. Ma'am, that's an additional topping, and you'll have to pay for it. And back and forth we go, me explaining it to her over and over while I've got three other lines on hold.

And don't get me started with those darn Entertainment Book coupons - they don't want to hear that they can't pay the $6.99 large carryout price and use that for buy-one-get-one-free.

I don't want to be labeling people. The Indian people that I know outside of work are warm, charming, just very conscientious people. We have several families as neighbors, and we enjoy their company. Why is it, when I have the carry-out counter between us, that everything changes?

My Indian readers, can you explain this to me? Do you guys have anecdotes of Americans in India?


  1. I am feeling sorry and wanna apologize to you on their behalf.. can't explain this :(

  2. If it makes you feel better I have this problem all the time at my shop and it is usually with minority business owners, however I dont think its as much as a stereotype as they are just raised to barter for everything. It drives me nuts.

  3. I get this impression sometimes...they want everything for nothing and not sure why they feel they are entitled to it.

  4. I think a lot of cultures view the American lifestyle as one of entitlement. Its the American way to want and then to get, or so it seems to other nations. So, in Rome do as the Romans do?

  5. I guess there is just no explanation. Indians just want to work the system to get out the maximum.

    As an Indian, who is not like the ones you had described, I would like you to think there are some of us here who are more normal.