Has He Caught the Frugal Bug Yet?

I was soooo proud of my husband this past weekend. I came home from work to find a Great Clips coupon flier stuck to the fridge! Wow! I think he's finally getting it!

(though I wouldn't spend the $4.99 on a haircut I can do myself at home for free)

And then I saw that, also on the flier, was the Ohio State football schedule.

Oh, well. All good things, even proud moments, have to end, right?

And anyway, GO BUCKS! :)


  1. Hey Emily! It's Julie from Texas. I got your blog address from Casey. In case you don't remember me we used to go to Grace and I was in MOPS there before we moved to Texas over two years ago. I still use your recipe for spaghetti bake almost every month! How funny. I am very new to blogging, as in this is my second month. Take care and I will be back! Julie

  2. @ Julie Of course I remember you! It's so good to hear from you! LOL, so the legacy of the spaghetti bake lives on, huh? :) I'd love to read your blog, too...could you link me up? email me at celestialpetunia@gmail.com.

    Thanks for reading my little (experiment? project? stream of consience? diarrhea of the mouth?) Blogging can be so cathartic, huh?

    BTW, I still think of you every time I'm down in Kensington Woods... :D