More Tips~n~Hints

I've had the pleasure of reading two of the Tightwad Gazette books this past week, and these are the tips that have been most intriguing:

The Perseids are coming! The night sky will be alight with shooting stars between August 10th and August 14th, peaking on the 12th. Free entertainment!

Check your local health department for free or low cost immunizations. This could easily be cheaper than paying even your copay.

For those with accordion-type radiators, put some foil-faced insulation between unit and the wall, foil-side facing into the room. This will reflect the heat into the room that would have been lost through the walls.

Instead of dryer sheets, invest in some cheap sponges and some Suavitel. Soak sponges in 50/50 Suavitel/water mix, squeeze out and toss into dryer with your laundry.

Instead of washing used Ziploc bags in the sink, turn them inside out and toss them in the wash with your whites. Just remember to fish them out before hitting the dryer.

Instead of car air fresheners, stash some whole cloves in your ashtray - they last a long time and smell wonderful.

To 1 cup laundry soap powder, add 40 to 50 drops food coloring. Add water by the teaspoon until powder becomes a liquid. Stir well, pack into an ice cube tray. Set in a sunny, dry place for 2 days. Pop out and give to your kid in the bath - you just made your own soap crayons!

Marinate beef cubes in leftover pickle juice for a few days for super-tender beef stew meat.

To combat airsickness, hold some of those plastic refreezable ice cubes in your hands during takeoff and landing.

Okay, I'm done. :)

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