Oh, Misery!

What an idiot I am! I took a tumble into the garden this afternoon and now I'm layed up with an ice pack on my ankle. Good thing there's a huge backlog on my Google Reader to keep me occupied for a few hours, and after that a dessert of Dave Ramsey podcasts. Sudoku anyone?

Oh, and the urban foraging concept is lost on DH. Maybe he'll change his mind, maybe not. But I'm not holding my breath. :)

One more thing, before you go...please join us in sending our warmest congrats to Ryan and Sharon on welcoming their new arrival, Zechariah Emerson. Welcome to the land of the living dead, guys. 3am feedings, spit-up stained t-shirts, haven't-had-a-shower-for-three-days, ah, the joys of parenthood! (grin) You guys will be great parents, Ishmail is a lucky little fella. :)

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