Saturday Weekly Weigh-in

Today's weigh-in wasn't as good as expected. I've been bouncing up and down weight-wise all week, and I'm still trying to figure out what's my magic formula to melt away the blubber. At this point, the "Thou Shalt Not's" are more clearly defined, LOL!

One of the biggies I need to work on is fiber intake. This isn't easy, considering our budget is limited and I can't afford the fruits and veggies than were once common in our home. This week I'll be boning up on oatmeal and canned beans, with a lentil or two thrown in for flava.

Another hurtle for me is good old H2O. I'm not a fan. Period. And it's weird, I find as I get older that drinking water makes me choke fairly often, like going-down-the-wrong-pipe choke. Yup, in my wrinkly, decrepit early 30's, I'm already seeing the signs of aging. Sigh. Anyhoo, gotta work on the water intake.

Oy, and my twisted/sprained/possibly broken foot. Yeah, that's going to make for some easy exercising this coming week. Thank God I can walk on it, barely, by stamping on my heel. I'm soooo looking forward to lowing my calorie intake to compensate for the lask of exercise.

I also had a bad moment last night. Maybe it's a fat girl thing, but every time I read a book about changing to a healthy diet (currently reading What The Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell) the devilish imp in me starts grabbing naughty foods. And it's not just reading, I used to get lots of guilty pleasure by plopping in front of The Biggest Loser with a half gallon of Breyers. Sad, sad, sad.

So as we stand right now, from the starting point I'm down 8.8 lbs. And contemplating a 3-day fast to maybe cleanse all this glunk out of my system and pray for God to get me on track.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. Emily,

    I hate the taste of water or the lack of it, BUT I absolutely love those powder flavor add -ins like Crystal Light or Propel. I try to stick with the ones lower in calories and sugar.

  2. @Thaleia - I know, I know, but powdered drink mix kind of goes into the "not so frugal, special occasion"category. I used to do alot of lemon juice and Splenda, but that's pricey, too. I guess I'd better just suck it up, no pun intended, huh?