Okay, David, darling brother, when I asked if I'm that pathetic, I didn't expect you to answer me!!!

"OOOh -- pick me!

In the past 2 weeks, the topics have been (in descending order):

- Lack of fiber intake
- Sprained ankle
- Dumpster Diving
- Make your own dryer sheets
- Saltine-based snacks

(You know, I belong to the selective reading club, right?) :)

[By the way sis, keep living out loud!]"

Touche, David. Thanks for that little slice of sarcasm that I soooo look forward to. I was wonedring how long it would take to get flamed for the urban foraging experiment.

Now off to figure out if canned cat food can truly find a place on the food pyramid. :D


  1. Hey there! I noticed on the side bar something about refrigerator bread dough. I would love the recipe! Take care, Julie

  2. Hey Emily! One more thing...if you are in need of a smile go to www.wherethehellismatt.com and click on the youtube dancing video. Be sure to watch it in high quality. It's great and is sure to put a smile on your face. Take care, Julie

  3. don't go to wherethehellismatt Emily! you'll never leave! you'll have to know everywhere matt has gone and of course he's a funny, witty writer like you, so you'll just keep reading and reading until you can't see anymore because the computer screen has burned away at your retina! :)

    the dancing video is quite good - it did make me happy! :)

    Julie, where do you find this stuff?
    happy obsessive blog reading, Case