Saturday Weekly Weigh In

This week has been such a struggle. It seems that, no matter the amount of effort put forth, the rewards are meager. I can only attribute this to the level of stress in our home at present. While I won't bore you with details, we're looking into some pretty heavy-duty overhaulin' of our circumstances, and it's a scary picture to behold.

So this week I'm down 9.2 lbs total.

From a clean eating standpoint, our current food budget doesn't allow for the sheer amount of protein required for weight loss. I'm eating alot of rice and beans/lentils to attempt at complete protein, and I'm pleased with the combination (a little taco seasoning could make doo-doo taste wonderful!). I'm also trying to incorporate some Biblical truths regarding our food supply - one of the hardest of which is the complete elimination of pork. Can you sympathize with the difficulty of putting pepperoni on 25 pizzas a day without sticking just one little one in your mouth? It's quite a challenge!

Hopefully the coming week will be an improvement. I still intend of getting at least a 1-day fast in, but I'm not sure where. And I need to concentrate on getting in a bit more exercise than I have been - it's so much more tempting to veg on the couch than do sit-ups...can I get a witness?

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  1. Hey Emily!
    I'm with you on the whole couch thing. I counted today and it's been something like 15 out of the last 20 days I've put all 3 kids to bed by myself. After that, I am shot. Add to that the fact that the Olympics are on and you guessed it, I'm chilling out on the couch. You're not alone. Take care, Julie