Researching with the Fist Bump

My son was watching one of his favorite PBS shows the other day. Sid the Science Kid was talking about germ transfer, the importance of sneezing into your elbow, and the basics of handwashing. And Andrew, that brilliant son of mine, says "Instead of shaking hands, they should pop it and lock it (our little fist bump routine). Then maybe people won't get germs."

It's been kind of on my mind since then. How many less sick days would I have if I employed the fist bump instead of shaking hands?

And how many people would look at me funny?

So I gave it a little test run on my chiropractor. He held his hand out to me, and I said "fist bump!" He was curious, so I told him I'm trying to avoid the swine flu. Which turned into a whole different conversation that I'll save for another time. Dr. Josh doesn't like the fist bump, but he's willing to humor me.

The attorney I visited on Friday was a bit taken by surprise, though. He good-naturedly returned the bump when I said "swine flu a-coming!" Yeah, I fist-bumped with a lawyer. I'm the shizzle, fo rizzle.

Church tomorrow should be quite the experiment. :)

So what do you think? Will I spend less time hacking and coughing this year? Save the rainforest by using fewer tissues?

How would you react if someone offered you their fist instead of their open hand?


  1. Reminds me of Joe Versus the Volcano where Meg Ryan as Angelica Graynamore gives Joe a fist instead of an open hand.

  2. I like this idea and I am going to try it out along with washing my hands ALL THE TIME!

  3. I think your son is brilliant. I'm a lawyer and I think I should start fist bumping with my clients. Especially with flu season and hopefully a future pregnancy all on the horizon in the next few months. I'm scared to think of how many little babes are going to be lost to swine flu once the colder weather hits North America. Do you think it would be completely unprofessional to add a "shizzle fo rizzle" to my hellos? :)

  4. It works for Howie Mandel. How weird could it possibly be?


  5. I predict in two years people will be fist bumping instead of hand shaking. ;-)

  6. If someone held their fist out I'd prolly wonder at first what they heck they were doing and then get it. I don't mind fistbumping at all. Whatever's clever!

  7. I love it!! I think you may start a craze.