TTC bits

Yasar and I want to have another baby.

I believe with all my heart that God has one for us, and is waiting for that right moment to bless us again. But I don't believe He's going to do His work when we expect it. So any traditional fertility treatments are probably not going to happen.

That being said...

Last week, my husband was at a business meeting with other professionals from different occupations. And the speaker was a local chiropractor.

Dr. Josh spent lots of time talking about so many different facets of health, and how they're all controlled by your spinal column.

Including fertility.

DingDingDing! Bells and whistles start going off in Yasar's head.

So I went to my first appointment Monday. They took x-rays (Aunt Flo had arrived that morning, before you ask), and later that evening I went back for the interpretation.

The verdict? In a nutshell, my spine's a mess. And Dr. Josh is going to fix me up, good as new.

Now, going to the chiropractor sucks. I hate the little zappy pads. Not too wild about the rolly table, either. Having the Doc sit on me? Uhhh, well, he's cute, so we'll let that go. Hearing my neck crack? Ugh! Sounds like popcorn in my head!

Will it help us have a baby? Hmmmm...

Also, as a side note, I looked back in my food diary from when we conceived Leila. And I'm trying to mimic that diet again. High fiber, normal fat intake of good, healthy fats. Low on the processed foods. Consequently, the buzz is this will also help Andrew's attention span and impulsive behavior. We're also going to take a stab at eliminating dairy from our diets. With homeschooling, we should be able to get a fairly full picture of the benefits of this new diet.

With us luck!


  1. I've heard that chiropractors are good like that but I hate the thought of anybody making my spine snap!! I just picture in my head one of them adjusting my neck and making me have a stroke.

  2. I have a similar plan with food and a healthy lifestyle. I firmly believe that God often waits for us to take the first step. That He wants us to act and he'll be there to catch us if we fall.

    Hugs for all that you are enduring,

    ps- I'm there if you just need to vent without judgement...really.

  3. okay. i'm usually pretty good about keeping my mouth shut. but, the clomid craziness is pushing me to say this... did Shannon really say what I think she just said?

    i'm a total believer in holistic health (even though I didn't bring a living baby home). i've been seeing a chiro and doing hot yoga for a while now. after losing ella, i added in accupuncture. i guess even if none of it helps me to conceive, i'm feeling good (physically). i've heard fish oil supplements are good for children with add. have you tried it?

  4. ROFL! Shannon's been saying alot of things lately that have me scratching my head. But I luv her just the same.

    Bree, I just bought some flaxseed oil and was about to look up dosages for 5-year-olds when I caught your comment. I'm really excited to see where this new diet takes all of our family!

    Trisha, thanks so much for the license to vent. Send me your email address...or maybe I'll blog about our circumstances later.

    Holly - did you get my email? I need to talk to you...celestialpetunia@gmail.com

  5. Here's crossing my fingers that your bone popping gets the baby making journey a quick one!

  6. Good luck! Very interesting about the chiropractor. I recently switched to soy milk and love it. But I'm having a hard time giving up the cheese.

  7. How often do you have to see the chiropractor? Is it a weekly thing?

  8. I've never thought about a chiro before...makes sense to me. I agree w/the flaxseed addition - HOWEVER - DO NOT use WHOLE flaxseed as your body CAN NOT digest or use it. Get Flaxseed Meal OR Flaxseed Oil. My DH & I take a TB of the oil everyday - it is good for joints, etc. but it is ESPECIALLY GOOD for nearly anything related to women's health: monthlies, menopause, breast tenderness, ALL women's cancers, etc. My daughters don't like the oily feel in their mouths so they won't take the oil, so I started adding flaxseed MEAL to my homemade bread. They LOVE it & I'm satisfied b/c I know they're getting the benefits of flasxeed.

    Blessings, Kim<><