Update on Tiger

This weekend has been all over the place. I wish I have a definite answer when asked how Tiger's doing. At times, he's practically his old self, albeit much skinnier. Others, like last night when he peed all over his feet, not so much.

The good news is I haven't seen him vomit since Friday. Diarrhea, yeah. But at least he's keeping down what he's been eating. If only he could make it to the litterbox...

So far today (knock on wood) he seems to be doing pretty well. Eating small amounts of his expensive Prescription Diet mixed with chicken babyfood, and drinking from the toilet (yeah, he's disgusting - but I'll let him drink out of whatever he wants right now, as long as he drinks!). He's started to curl up again when he lays down, instead of that miserable hunker they seem to have when they don't feel well. He's also been outside for awhile today, so if he's had bowel distress, I don't know about it.

I'm cautiously optimistic. Maybe too many bad things have been happening to me to trust that something wonderful can come of this.

Tiger is scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow, which we may skip if he continues to progress tonight. We've sort of discussed euthanizing him once we've seen the results of the test, if the prognosis is too bad. And most surprising to me, for as many times as Yasar has threatened to get rid of Tiger, he does not want to talk about that. Typical guy, huh? :)


  1. Praying that Tiger continue to get better.

  2. I'm hoping Tiger gets better. We lost our dear Hickory in Jan. '08, he was 10 & had liver cancer. He was 'our boy.' :-) Broke our hearts to have him put down, but he was clearly declining quickly. I was sitting on the floor w/him & when the vet gave him his shot he put his chin on my knee & simply passed.
    Now we have our little Maggie, she's just over 1 yr. She's completely different & I still think about Hickory everyday, but we love her & she fills the 'companion' void that all pet lovers have.
    Give Tiger a hug for me.
    Blessings, Kim < > <

  3. Praying he continues to get better. I do know he is a family member as is my pooch and it breaks your heart to not be able to make it all better for them.

  4. I really really hope the US shows good things. I am saying a prayer for Tiger!

  5. I can't remember if I already said this, so ignore me if I have lol.

    About five years back my parent's cat got horribly sick like that. Lost a LOT of weight. They took her to the vet who told them she was dying and asked if they wanted her euthanised. For some reason, they decided to take her home and let her die in comfort, all the while praying she would get better.

    That cat is still alive, and as FAT as ever.

    So there IS hope, especially in light that he seems to be doing better. I hope he fights it off and returns to being the cat you love so much.

  6. Wishing tiger wellness through the night, and good ultrasound results! Please continue to keep us posted.

  7. Like Just Breathe I too am praying that Tiger continues to get better.

  8. I hope Tiger gets better soon. Its amazing how they become like one of our kids, isn't it?

    Let us know how his ultrasound goes...