A Vet Story

Yesterday Tiger went in for another bolus of fluid to get him through the weekend. It was a drop-off thing, so I went and hung out with Hubs at Domino's until Tiger was all done.

When I went back, there were a few people in front of me for service. A very nice woman with a sick little Yorkie and I were chatting, and we both noticed a young woman and her significant other come out of one of the exam rooms, completely distraught and in tears.

We both shook our heads and said a little prayer for them, and for us.

So Crystal, the super-nice front desk lady, is settling my account up. And we're talking about how good it was that Yasar got to talk to the vet earlier, that he sort of gets what's going on and he'll feel a little better about the financial side of this situation. I was saying that this is all new to Yasar, in Syria they treat animals like animals, not like members of the family. They don't spend this kind of money trying to keep a pet alive and comfortable.

Crystal kind of looks at me out of the corner of her eye and says, "well, if he gets upset, just tell him about those people you just saw. The ones that were crying. She just authorized us to perform a $350 leg amputation surgery.....on her hamster."

I was proud of myself - I actually controlled myself for almost 30 seconds before I just cracked up.

Only in America...


  1. That is really funny. But when you love them you can't help yourself. Yes, our pets our FAMILY and I would do almost anything to save them.

  2. A leg amputation!? On a hamster!? Are you serious!? hahahaha

    Yep, you're right about America.

  3. Yeah, it's kinda hard not to crack up about, but at the same time, pets are family. No matter how small and insignificant that pet may seem to other people, he is adored by his owner.

  4. That is funny. But, I believe it. We are absolutely obssessed with our pets and would for go for them if we had to. How's Tiger?

  5. I'm going to remember that the next time my family makes fun of me and my "baby" or dog whatever. :)

  6. This made me smile. We love what we love. We grow up, make a family the only way we can, and will do anything to protect it. I hope Tiger is feeling better today!

  7. Hope Tiger is doing well. One thing I've learned from 10 years in practice is not to judge no matter how silly or horrible the cases seem. I had similar clients who spend hundreds on their pet rat. It was interesting trying to x ray him and keep our hands out out the way but still hang on to him so he didn't scurry away. LOL.