A2 in Pictures

Domino's Petting Farm - on the Domino's Corporate campus
Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
Watusi bull and his cows - these are fenced in on the outskirts of the Domino's Corporate parking lot. They also have a pen of shaggy mules, one for sheep, and some other strange cows. I'm not sure if it's a theme for Domino's or what, but it made for some cool pictures.
At the Rainforest Cafe in Auburn Hills.
Andrew posing with the "original" Domino's delivery car in the lobby of HQ.
Yes, I went there. :P to you Wolverine fans!
Stumbled on a berry picking patch, so we had to stop and try our hands at it.
Apple orchard and cider mill. A man playing bagpipes. Hot cinnamon doughnuts and cider slushies. Goats and ducks. Playing in a giant sandbox filled with dried corn. And a beautiful bag of apples to bring home.
And, hands-down Andrew's favorite place. We actually went twice!


  1. Missed ya while you were gone! I am glad you are homeschooling Andrew, looks like you're having an amazing year already!!!!!!

  2. What wonderful pictures. I'm always looking for a place with good scenery for pictures.

  3. You went to some great places!! What fun!!