I relate to Job right now.

God feels so far away.

I know He's there, but He's out of arm's reach

and I need to put my arms around him Right Now.

I crave that feeling, that it's all going to work out

for the best.

Because right now the future's hard to see.

Hazy. Tainted.

And the past is no comfort.

Thinking back on this year,

I'm glad I'm not the "Family Update Letter" sort

to go along with my Christmas cards.

I'd be tempted to print that baby on black, depressing paper.

Maybe with little skulls and crossbones.

Hah. Made myself chuckle there.

God, I know your Arms are as big as the universe.

And I know you're an insanely busy guy.

But could You possibly take a minute away from

all the other crises out there

and just hold me?


  1. sending you a (((hug))) for now

  2. (((hugs)))

    He hasn't forgotten you...but, I know how you feel...

  3. I am still praying for you and your family. Remember, God is constant and unchanging, He doesn't move...we do.

  4. For various other reasons I am feeling the same way (lose, change, uncertainty). I know He there-right beside me but I'm not feeling it. Can't seem to get my head on straight again. (((Hugs)))