Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning...

Eight years? Wow, it seems like yesterday.

Yasar and I moved to Ohio together in 1998. Things were rocky for years. Then finally, on August 28, 2001, I moved out. Got my own apartment. Just me and my birds.

So I was in my daily routine. Reruns of ER were back-to-back on TNT in those days. I had them on for company while I got the birds' cages changed. I walked out of my kitchen, back into the living room with the food dishes, looking curiously at the TV and wondering "what the heck?" For a moment I thought it was actually a part of the show - sometimes they did sequences like that.

And then my comfortable, safe little world blew apart.

At the time I was working a Friday-Monday schedule. 9/11 was a Tuesday. So for the next 3 days I was fixated on the TV. I cross-stitched a beachy scene that still holds the residue of the memory for me. I left the apartment once to go to Columbus, and was disturbed by the lack of air traffic. After a few days, I started getting angry. Yelling at my birds.

I went back to work and marveled at how the Monday to Friday crowd got anything done, especially since Pacer put a TV in the lobby and had it permanently fixated on CNN.

Where were you?


  1. I was in one of my freshman college classes. We were touring the Pres and VP's offices of the university when we got the news so we turned on the tv and watched. The instructors let us go home so I did and continued to watch there.

  2. Yes, what a day to remember....

    I was working - conducting interviews and I remember coming out of an interview to my coworkers faces in shock. That's when they told me. I think we canceled the rest of the interviews that day, brought a tv into work, watched, gasped and cried for such a tremendous loss of life and innocence.

    Thanks for taking the time to 'remember'.

  3. The image of the towers billowing smoke and then crashing to the ground will forever be branded in my mind.

  4. It was a day I will never forget.
    I pray for our country.

  5. I remember that day so well too. Husband and I were dating. I had slept over at his place the night before. We woke up to his phone ringing. It was his dad telling us to turn on the news. We sat and watched for hours. Husband didn't go to work that day. Later that evening, I remember being scared as I had to make an hours drive home by myself.

    I haven't seen much on tv about today. Maybe there will be something on tonight.