Glutton for Punishment

What on earth possessed me to look up 27 weeks pregnant on Google?

My little Leila would be almost 2 lbs.

I'd be measuring 3 inches about the bellybutton.

I'd be starting to wane in the energy department as I wound out the second trimester.

She'd have an 80% chance of survival had she lived this long.

God, that hurts so bad!


  1. We all do the same things thats why I was sorta relieved when Lily's due date finally hit the calendar~

    I will forever wonder why the placenta abruption couldn't have happened a week later than it did, because docs don't try to save a 23week old baby but will try with a 24 week old baby. That week will haunt me forever.

  2. Oh Emily. Bless your heart. That sounds like something I would do and then regret it so much.

  3. You are not alone. At Jacob's one year b-day / death, I wanted tobe pregnant so bad and was so sure that God was going to bless me with another child that I took 5 - yes 5 early detection pregnancy tests and was sure that they were all wrong. I ended up starting my cycle 5 days early that month!!!

    Have a Blessed Day,