My Very Best Day

Many on this earth won't understand. My very best day would be their very worst. The day that starts with dying.

I'm rooting for a "she never felt a thing" demise, but in the end it won't really matter.

In the blink of an eye, I'm standing at those pearly gates. God looks at me with a giant smile on His face and says "welcome home, daughter!" He puts His Arm around me and leads me into paradise.

The crowd goes wild. They're singing and dancing, confetti and fireworks flying all around. Everyone is celebrating my homecoming.

My gremom walks strongly out of the throng, the first of my family to greet me. She tells me how she's missed me, and watched over me. I want to cry, but no tears are allowed in heaven. So I swallow the lump in my throat and wrap her in a giant embrace.

She says there's someone who'd like to meet me. I get excited, is it Leila? No, Leila's off chasing rainbows right now. But gremom hands me this perfect little baby. The baby I miscarried at 7 weeks in August of 2006. Is it a boy? A girl? That no longer matters. This child clutches my hand and coos at me, and I'm in love.

We start to walk down the beautiful golden streets, away from the noise of the crowd (yet it still follows us). Paradise is beautiful. Fig trees, watermelon plants, tomatoes, marigolds, all my favorite things are growing by the side of the road. Cobalt blue butterflies light from flower to flower. In the distance, I can see the mansions.

Gremom is telling me all about how her life has gone since her death. She's been busy, caring for my two precious children, learning to play the harp, and singing in the choir. But every once in awhile she's been allowed a vacation (a vacation from heaven, isn't that funny?) to swoop down to earth and comfort me. She said mostly God did that Himself, but a few times she talked Him into letting her do it. Her eyes are shining, she's delighted that she can tell me how she's comforted me. Me? I'm just so glad she's been there to care for the darling baby nestled in my arms. And for my Leila, who I'm so anxious to see.

We round a corner, and here's my new home. Beautiful, alabaster walls, a marble entryway, morning glories climbing the veranda. And a porch swing. I settle my (ohmygoodness, smaller!) behind on the seat, pat the place next to me in invitation to gremom. She joins me, still talking animatedly.

And then I hear it. "MOOOMMMMMEEEEEEEEE!" I hand the baby in my arms to gremom just as my little girl comes tearing around the side of the house.

And I run to her.


How does your Very Best Day play out in your dreams?


  1. Beautiful....I love it!

  2. I feel that way too. More so last year but I still long for Heaven.

    I think that most people don't get it because if their kids aren't with them it's because they are at school, a friends house, the park, etc. They can go to those places and get their kid back. We can't. We can't go to heaven and get our kids...yet.

    It's funny how Heaven is just a place you hear stories about until your child goes there. Then it becomes real.


  3. I haven't given it much thought but I love your day!

  4. That was fun. Thanks for letting us picture that with you. Wonderful!

  5. This took my breath away Em. I realized to day that I can't picture this day. That made me sad.

  6. What a wonderful vision. And what a comfort to know that it can come true!

  7. Such a beautiful vision!

    I was raised in a Christian denomination that teaches when you die, you are "sleeping" and you don't go to heaven until Christ returns. But since Chaya's death, I just haven't been able to fully subscribe to that. At least not when it comes to our babies. And I often have visions of her (lost somewhere in my blogs) as well as my other Glorybabies.

    They're precious visions, and they help get me through in my darkest hours.

  8. You brought tears to my eyes. I've never visited your blog before, and I believe God led me here. Your faith is inspiring. I know you will see your beautiful little girl again. Thanks for making Heaven seem real.

  9. I love your best day. What a glorious day that will be!!

  10. I love your best day. You make me cry and feel joy all at the sametime.

  11. Yep, pretty much the same. Just to hear "well done" will be enough for me!

  12. Emily...I am so sorry that it took me so long to read this post! It is amazing. I love this!!! And, I love your idea of doing this on Walking With You. We are going to take a few weeks to talk about grieving and then, I think we will do a post on our Reunion Day. I really want to point us toward the hope we have in the Lord and the promise of heaven. Thanks so much for sharing this. What a glorious day it will be indeed!

  13. What a beautiful scene...I know I've envisioned being called home and bowing at the feet of Jesus and then being handed my sweet, Lily. I always wonder what body she'll be in...will she be in her baby body or will she be walking?

    When we're all called to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be when we all see Jesus we'll sing and shout the victory! My favorite hymn <3