My 6-Week Checkup

Can it possibly be 6 weeks since I last saw Leila? Time is fleeting...

I wish I had something exciting to report. But outside a pap smear, a normal BP, and a much lower number on the scale, it was a pretty ho-hum experience.

My OB is a wonderful and very sympathetic woman. She said, if I'm not pregnant in the next 3 months, to come back and she'll start me on Clomid. I'm pretty sure I could have cajoled her into doing it now, but it's not really something to anticipate. It's been a few years since taking it, but I remember Clomid making me feel completely drained of energy, and it had me stuffing so much protein in my mouth I gained something like 30 lbs. in two months.

Hopefully we don't have to take that route. Hopefully it'll just happen naturally.

I also took Leila's pictures in to show the staff. Dr. O said that Anita, the talented nurse who took the pictures, was just asking about us and how we're doing. Six weeks later, we've not been forgotten by these wonderful women working in the OB unit at the hospital. Amazing to find a support system in an unexpected place.

That's all that's new here. Other than my hubby begging me to dye the grey out of my hair (Never!), and Andrew getting another wobbly baby tooth, things are pretty quiet on the homefront.

Quiet's good. Right?


  1. I'm glad the appt went well.

  2. Emily- just to let you know that I think about you and your family every day.