My Email Account Hates Me

Finding out you're pregnant. It's an amazing time, full of congratulations. From everyone. Including the makers of Similac, Huggies, Pampers, on and on.

And, once they know where to congratulate you, they keep on sending you emails.

How can they not know your dream has turned into your worst nightmare? Why don't they leave you alone?

As if you need to open your email, praying for one supportive, uplifting email. And there it is.

"What Your Baby Looks Like Today"

My baby? She looks like a depressingly small pile of grey ash.

I don't know if it's better or worse, but those "Your Pregnancy Week By Week" at least have a tiny, tiny link at the bottom. "If you've suffered a loss, click here".

You click on it, and it unsubscribes you and takes you into dead baby land, all at the same time.

Where everyone has a dead baby. And surely everyone wants to talk to a group of strangers about it, right?

Oy vey...


  1. I love and hate those e-mails (loved when preggo didn't love...well, that is obvious)! I would just send them all to your spam box...they'll finally go away!


  2. Once they get your email they don't quit. Mailing address too. I didn't know there was a link at the bottom of the pregnancy ones about the loss. Hmmm

  3. My mailbox hated me for awhile. About 8 weeks after Lily died, I went to check the mail and there was a huge box in there. I open it and its two cans of formula.

    Thanks but no thanks. I planned on breastfeeding her anyways. I did keep the two cans though. Hey, formula is expensive.

    I'm sorry. If you can just unsubscribe to the e-mails. I got an e-mail the other day that said "see what your baby looks like." So, I open it thinking that its one for Cooper. But, no it just wanted to let me know what my seven month old should be doing right.

    Ugh, so I know it sucks...


  4. My email account hates me too! They've stopped sending pregnancy emails and are now on to "Your infant this week..." Totally sucko.

  5. I hate those emails too. I haven't opened them to find the link yet though. Maybe part of me doesn't want to stop receiving them either.

    Thank you for your sweet comments. I hate this new club but there are some really wonderful women here. (((hugs)))

  6. I junked all those emails. It is so painful to read how Akul would be and what he would be doing this week. I think of that often enough without having to read emails to remind me of what I have lost. I would talk to other lost baby moms any day. I feel there is this common experience that binds us together.