Adios, "Mother of the Year" Nomination

How is it fair that, amid all this grief and depression, I'm still expected to be a suitable mommy to Andrew?

Friday he felt a little warm. And started acting like a monster. Grexy, as they say where I'm from. A pain in the booty, we say here. Just crabby, super-sensitive, weepy.

We had the audacity to laugh at him while he was wrestling with us. He came running at my face with his fist up and destruction in his eyes.

I put my hand up to stop him, and accidentally clotheslined him. My 5-year-old!

It didn't go over well. Especially since lately he's been working hard, getting in touch with his inner drama queen.

Later, while brushing his teeth that night, I spot the enemy. A molar popping it's head out.

Then I was all, "oh, poor baby, let me get you some Tylenol."

And they all lived happily ever after......at least, until the next drama.

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